As a dedicated team of industrial designers and action sport enthusiast Zac Speed was founded in Melbourne Australia in 2003 with the single mission of designing the best backpacks possible for action sports. By new design we don’t mean more of the same, stick a logo on a backpack design, we don’t mean design over function, we mean looking for a whole new way of doing business from the ground up kinda new…. Design that works.

At Zac Speed we have been pioneers for over a decade in integrated protection and interchangeable components that greatly enhance a backpacks performance and capability. When you own a Zac Speed backpack you own a legacy of design innovation second to none.

To quote Charles Darwin “it’s not the most intelligent who survive but those who can best manage change”

Inspired by Riders – Built for Speed











HOW TO WHEELIE STANDING UP: Cross Training Enduro Skills

From our huge collection of free training vids at https://crosstrainingenduro.com How to wheelie a dirt bike, with an emphasis on trials technique due to our cross training emphasis.

RUBEN CHADWICK: Wildwood Rock extreme enduro training

Ruben Chadwick training for the Wildwood Rock extreme enduro! Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul - these slow motion cross training techniques are nice to watch and show the trials-influenced style of Ruben Chadwick, Australia's junior trials and endurocross champion for 2014.

Zac Speed Recon S3 back pack with POV harness

Ruben Chadwick testing the POV harness, Matrix Tool Pack Configured with the Sprint R-3 Backpack