Zac Speed provides Limited lifetime warranty coverage for its backpacks and accessory products to the original purchaser. The limited lifetime warranty covers defects in materials, design or workmanship. We do NOT cover products that no longer work due to wear and tear. Wear and tear is damage that inevitably and naturally occurs as a result of normal use. Moving parts will wear out, fabric and rubber components will deteriorate and fade over time when subject to the elements.


Zac Speed will repair or replace, at their option, items that are defective. If an item is repaired, the parts and labor are covered by Zac Speed. Ground shipping charges within Australia to send repaired or replaced products to the purchaser are covered. Repair or replacement as provided in this warranty is your exclusive remedy.


Zac Speed does not warrant any product, which is damaged from abuse, lack of maintenance or is not used for its intended purpose. Damage caused by improper use or improper installation is not a defect; therefore repair or replacement of a damaged product will not be covered under this warranty. Shipping charges required to send a defective product to Zac Speed are not covered. Sales outside of Australia and any other expenses are not covered. If Zac Speed Australia determines your product has exceeded its lifetime and deems the product ineligible for warranty repair or replacement we will contact you to discuss available options. For USA and Canadian customers please contact Zac Speed distributor in your country on the customer service contact listed below.


A Zac Speed commitment to our customers is to keep your product serviceable and in good working order for as long as possible. Inevitably some elements of a product naturally wear out before others, to keep your product functioning for as long as possible Zac Speed offers a range of replacement parts for the purpose of product maintenance or feature upgrade.  Please refer to our spares parts list.


For Customer service & Warranty Support please contact:



Zac Speed

PO Box 580
Mentone Victoria 3194
[email protected]


Pacific Powersports, Inc

42345 Avenida Alvarado Unit B
Temecula, CA 92590
951-719-3663 office
[email protected]


Motovan Corporation

1391 Gay Lussac
Boucherville, Québec
J4B 7K1
[email protected]